Publicly Available For The First Time:
Amazing Money Spell Deposits Cash Into Your Life On Demand

Robert Mason
Sunday, 11:30pm

Dear Friend,

You want extra money, and I'm here to tell you of the easiest way I know to get it. I hate those long wordy websites that take ages to get to the point, so lets get straight down to the details.

Here's what we're offering:

For the first time, my friend Robin Stone and I, are making available to the public our long-awaited Instant Money Spell.

This spell uses the same well-proven scientific method as our highly successful Instant Love Spell. But instead of making the person you desire fall head over heels in love with you, this spell literally makes money appear in your life.

Here's what this money spell will do for you:

As you'd expect from a money spell, this spell will bring money into your life.

How much money? You decide. Within certain restrictions (which I'll talk more about in a bit), there's almost no limit to how much money you can make with this spell.

I know what you're thinking – sounds too good to be true – right?

Well, yes and no. Let me explain a bit more about how this works...(feel free to jump to the bottom, read about our guarantee, and get started with the spell if you want to skip the details!)

The Scientific Money Spell Method

First off let's clear one thing up – most spells are scams. If you're looking at a spell and you see anything about moon cycles, special ingredients, three fold laws, cauldrons, wands, or any other such hocus pocus, then do me a favor – turn around and run, don't walk, in the opposite direction!

All those so-called spells are just working off the popular image of magic that we all have thanks to Harry Potter! Real magic is nothing like that.

The spell method that my friend Robin pioneered uses a proven scientific principal called Morphic Field energy. Now I don't want to bore you with the details, but a quick overview of how this works will help you understand how our spell really does make cash flow into your life.

Morphic Whats?

Morphic Fields are energy fields that connect every atom on the planet. Our scientific knowledge isn't yet at the point where we can explain how these fields are generated, and nobody really knows why they are there (but then again, I guess nobody really knows why we are here.)

What scientists have worked out though, is that we can exercise some degree of control over these fields. Now because our understanding of these morphic fields (or MFs as I'll call them here) is still at a very early stage, relative to, say, our understanding of electricity or radio waves, we're still in the early stages of being able to control them. What we have discovered though, is that it's pretty easy to control the MF energy to attract things towards us.

So here's the cool thing – because the fields link everybody to everything, that means we can use them to attract pretty much anyone or anything towards us. And that includes money. Lots of money, if that's what we want.

That's how our scientific money spell works. It uses morphic field energy to literally attract money into your life. How much? You decide! There's almost no limit to how much. Almost – but not quite. I'll come to that shortly. But first, let's answer another question you might be pondering at this point:

Hang On – Doesn't This Sound Like The Law of Attraction?

Well, again, yes and no. The law of attraction certainly uses morphic field energy to literally attract what you want into your life. But there's a problem with that.

The law of attraction uses very “wishy washy” methods to make it work. Books and films that teach it, all talk about spending time creating a “burning desire” for what you want. They ask you to “believe” you will get it.

Don't get me wrong, this is all good stuff, but it's a bit like trying to find your way from one side of town to the other without a map. If you wander around long enough, with the desire to get to the other side of town, and believing you will, then you'll probably get there...eventually.

It's not a very efficient method though, is it?

If you had a map, you could take the direct route. Your desire to get there, and your belief you will succeed are important, of course. But the map will still get you to the other side much more quickly!

Our Money Spells Like A Map - It Guarantees Success

Our scientific money spell works like the map. It takes your desire for money, and gives you a direct way to control the MF energy that makes the law of attraction work. So you end up getting the money much more quickly!

Here's how it works:

Feel free to skip this bit if you don't want to know about the science behind the spell....

Science has for a long time now, known that our brains operate at different frequencies at different times – a bit like a radio can tune into different frequencies. Most of the time we're awake, our brains are at the “beta” frequency. When we're just going off to sleep, they drop to a much lower frequency called “alpha”. When we're in the deepest part of the sleep cycle, the bit where we're dreaming, we're in “delta”.

Now here's the interesting part. When our brains are ticking over more slowly in alpha and delta frequencies, they are at the same frequency as the morphic fields. They're like a radio tuned into the right station. But unlike a radio, our brains can transmit as well as receive.

So when we're just dropping off to sleep (or sometimes when we're daydreaming), we're able to control the MF energy – the energy that connects every atom on the planet (in fact, every atom in the universe).

But there's a problem... If we're asleep, how do we take advantage of that direct link to the universe that MFs offer?

If you could somehow switch your brain to the alpha frequency while you were still awake, you would have a direct link to the MFs and would be able to control them – and as a result – communicate with every atom in the universe.

That's where Robin's pioneering work comes into play. You see, Robin knew that with months or years of practice, it's possible to use meditation to reach the alpha brain frequency while you're still awake. That means that you can consciously “tap in” to the MF energy.

What Robin figured out was that actually it is possible to reach the alpha level, that meditation-like state, without any practice at all, if you give the brain a helping hand.

That helping hand turns out to be very simple. You play a specially recorded sound, the sound of the alpha frequency. When you listen to any frequency, the brain cannot help but align itself with the same frequency. So listen to the sound of the alpha frequency, and your brain will adjust itself to alpha.

Again, there was a problem though. The alpha frequency is outside the range of human hearing. Being the clever kind of guy he is, Robin figured out a way round that too. He recorded a “harmonic” of the alpha sound that is within hearing range, and it turns out that works almost as good as the alpha sound itself.

With some additional vocal instructions overlaid on top of the harmonic sound, the result is just as good. It means anyone with no training at all, can “tune in” to the alpha frequency any time they want.

Don't worry if this is getting too technical, you don't need to understand it for it to work!

Here's the money spells process in a nutshell:

Easy right? The great thing is, you stay completely awake and in control throughout the process. This isn't like hypnosis or anything fancy like that, it's just like listening to a relaxing piece of music.

Most people who've tried Robin's recording find it a really relaxing and enjoyable experience, and that's how it should be.

Now earlier I talked about some limitations on the amount of money this spell can bring you. Remember I talked about desire and belief? Well it turns out belief is pretty important. If you don't believe the spell can work for you, your brain will have a hard time instructing the MFs to go get you some cash.

So we've worked out a way to get over the belief problem. It's actually really simple. I won't go into details here because I've already written much more than I intended when I started out! Instead what I've done is included full, detailed instructions on how to use the spell, and put those with the audio recording. These instructions tell you exactly how to overcome the belief issue – and the great thing is that part of the process will in itself make you some money!

So if you want to use this scientific spell to get yourself some more cash, here's what you need to do:

1. Click the order button below to get the spell kit (Robin's special harmonic alpha audio recording, and the detailed instruction booklet.)
2. Read the instructions.
3. Cast the spell
4. Get money.

Pretty simple right?

The spell kit costs just $37. This covers our research and development costs, as well as the cost of running and advertising this website so that you can find us (if you're wondering why we're charging when we have a money spell at our disposal, see the Q&A section below.)

The kit is an instant download – as soon as you've ordered using our secure online ordering process, you'll be taken to another secure webpage where you can download the audio and instruction guide.

The audio is in standard mp3 format, which means you can play it on any computer, or mp3 player, or ipod. You can even stick it on a cd if you have a cd writer in your computer.

One More Thing...This Spell is Guaranteed!

We're so sure you'll make money with this spell, we're offering you a full money back guarantee. $37 is a pretty small investment for something that can, if used properly, make you huge amounts of cash. But we understand that you may be sceptical, and that's perfectly fine and normal.

So to remove all the risk for you, we're offering this amazing guarantee. All we ask is that you follow the instructions we provide. If the spell doesn't work, just send us an email and we'll refund you – and you can even keep the spell kit anyway.

So to recap:


All orders are processed on a secure server.

What are you waiting for?

Wishing you success and prosperity,

Robert Mason

Robin Stone

Some Common Questions And Answers:

Q: Does this really work?
A: Yes! Hundreds of people have already used our love spell to make the person of their dreams fall in love with them, or to get back their ex. This money spell uses the same proven scientific method to bring money into your life.

Q: How much money can I get with this?
A: The answer is largely up to you. It is important to believe you can obtain the amount of money you desire, so if you cast a spell for a million dollars but don't believe you'll get it, the spell will most likely fail. So we recommend you start off small and work your way up. Each time you see the spell work, your belief in it will get stronger and so you'll be able to cast for bigger amounts.

Q: How long does it take?
A: The spell itself takes three days to cast. How long it takes to see results depends on how much money you cast for, and your level of belief (see previous question).

Q: If this really works, why are you selling it instead of just casting the spell to make loads of money yourselves?
A: Why not do both? We use the spell ourselves all the time, with great success. But that shouldn't stop us helping other people by making it available to everyone.

Q: So if you're making money with the spell, why are you charging for it and not giving it away?
A: We believe that the universe helps those who help themselves, and that people should pay their own way in life. We've seen time and again that when people pay for our spells, they work better than when they are given them for free. This is because when you pay for a spell, even just a token price such as we are charging, you send a very powerful message to the universe that a) you are taking control of your destiny and b) that you believe in the outcome. As we've mentioned above, belief is a very important part of this process, and making a commitment to the spell in the form of a payment, is the first step in establishing that belief.

Q: Why should I believe this works?
A: We totally understand that it can be hard to believe the spell works. That's why we offer a money back guarantee. We hope that showing our complete confidence in the spell will help you believe a little bit too. And if for any reason the spell doesn't work, you can use our guarantee to get your money back anyway, so there's no risk.

Q: Isn't this like hypnosis? Will I wake up and find myself barking like a dog, or thinking onions taste of chocolate?
A: Not at all. The spell relies on you being completely awake and in control at all times. You must remain in control so that you can in turn, control the morphic field energy.

Q: Can I ask you some other question not answered here?
A: Yes of course – you can email any time to I try and answer all emails the same day, but to account for time zone differences, vacations, etc – please allow at least 24 hours for a reply.


All orders are processed on a secure server.